6 tips for kitchen renovation

The kitchen space is probably one of the most challenging spaces in a house due to its everyday use.

It is definitely the most alive place in a house, not only because of its main purpose (cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, etc) but also as an assembling area for dining, gathering and everyday meetings of the family.

From the moment you decide to renovate your kitchen, you have to follow some very specific steps in order to improve the final outcome.

1) Good forethought and designing of the space
ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑ 300x300 - 6 tips for kitchen renovationDo not do anything if there is no detailed plan of the space. Every inch matters in a kitchen and you have to take advantage of it.

2) Choose your cabinets’ materials
ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑ 300x300 - 6 tips for kitchen renovationThere is a huge variety of materials, from melamine and vakelitis, to lac and hardwood floor. Choose wisely according to your own personal taste and according to your budget. Every material has its own pros and cons and before you make a choice you have to know them.

3) Choose your counter material

Your kitchen counter is the only horizontal worktop and action surface in the room and that is why it has to be functional, durable and intertemporal apart from elegant. Huge part in the choice of your counter is the frequency of your cooking (some people cook a lot, and some none).

– Duropal is an affordable and practical solution because of its durability to everyday use and it comes in a huge variety of colors and in imitation of various other materials (wood, cement, etc.).

– Materials such as marble are really beautiful but need special care with acids (lemons, tomato, etc.) due to their porosity. Marble is rather softer than other artificial granites.

– Artificial granites are stronger but need attention when it comes to cutting.

– Corian is one of the best solutions for a kitchen counter because it does not absorb stains, it does not burn and it does not get incised with a knife. Its biggest pro is that it can very easily be maintained and replaced. Its biggest con is…. its price.

4) Kitchen cabinets and mechanisms

Your choices in cabinets and ways of space saving are vast.      There are ways to exploit every available inch in your kitchen, from a hidden corner up to a very small space between your cabinets, and that way your kitchen will automatically get bigger. Design and install your cabinets according to your habits and convenience.

The best kitchen in the world is the one kitchen that serves you right.

5) Family dining space
ΣΠΙΤΙ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 300x199 - 6 tips for kitchen renovationTry to create a beautiful dining and gathering space for the family, starting with the traditional table, going to the counter with fixed seats or even to an island. An island, if your space allows it, can give you more storage units and makes your kitchen even more attractive.


6) Lighting

Natural lighting in a kitchen is very useful and appreciated but not always needed. Apart from the main light in the ceiling of the kitchen, light is also needed on the counter. In order to avoid shadows as we work in front of the counter, we provide lighting under the top cabinets and make our lives easier.

If you have the luck to have a window in your kitchen, we propose to install your kitchen sink in front of the window. Apart from the natural light that you will earn, it also helps your mood and gives a really nice effect.

Changing your kitchen is a very important change for your everyday life as well as the appearance of your house.

Make a decision and do it responsively, methodically and always with the help of a professional who will guide you to choose wisely your new kitchen.