Certified Property Valuations in Greece


We perform certified property valuations in Greece:

• Certified Apartment/Flat, Houses and other building complexes valuations
• Certified Agricultural and Land parcels valuations
• Certified Store/Shop valuations
• Certified Office valuations
• Certified Craft and Industrial unit valuations
• Certified Hotel valuations
• Certified Listed building valuations, etc.

We feature a certified valuer registered to the Hellenic Ministry of Finance registry with extensive experience and expertise in real estate appraisal.

The valuation reports are performed by Stavros Papadopoulos, Civil Engineer, AUTH, MSc Imperial College London and certified valuer REV.

Membership Registration Number: A.V.A.G.0479

PeopleCert No: GR730000207SP

Tegova No: REV-GR / AVAG / 2018/78

Number of Records Hellenic Ministry of Finance: 184 in accordance with the provisions of paragraph C of Law Ν. 4152/2013 (ΥΕΚ/Α΄107).

Technical Chamber of Greece No.: 100 134

The European Group of Valuers’ Associations (REV scheme) (www.tegova.org) certification body in Greece PEOPLECERT (www.peoplecert.org).

Reasons that a certified property valuation may be required:

• Legal claims, compensation claims (inheritance, expropriation, insurance etc.)
• Property purchases or sales
• Renegotiating rent at fair value
• Providing for bank loans
• Valuation of companies or individuals property
• Litigation estate
• Real estate development

Certified property reports take into account the existing law, all forms of objective factors that may affect the value of the property, as well as the instructions, specifications and requirements of the European and International Valuers Standards (EVS 2012, IVS 2013), as defined by the TEGoVA and IVSC (the European Group of Valuers’ Associations and International Valuation Standards Council respectively)

Certified property valuations in Greece can be used against any Authority, Bank, Insurance Agency, Court, company and individual.