Photovoltaic systems on roofs

Signed the Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD), which activates the Special Programme for the Development of Photovoltaic Systems up to 10 kW residential buildings and micro enterprises in mainland Greece and interconnected islands.

Does not require any authorization from the Ministry only approved a small-scale work by the competent town planning and the contract with the local Electricity Company.

Given the opportunity for every citizen to utilize green energy by placing solar panels on the roof to generate electricity as follows:

Provide a constant value of energy produced 0,55€ / KWh for 25 years by installation of signing the contract and since 2012 for a price reduction for new facilities, but with a constant unit price for 25 years.

Netting is accounting for the energy to the grid by the local Electricity Company to the cost of energy consumed for the needs of the provider (citizen) of the photovoltaic. Does not require opening of business books, invoices, etc. Therefore there is no tax or insurance charges.

Our company is the trusted partner network undertakes the design and construction (turn key) of photovoltaic systems on roofs.